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Tips To Stop Smoking

Stop the habit of smoking is not an easy thing to do by the cigarette addicts. Therefore, the activity of smoking has become a staple. Same as primary human needs such as the need for food and clothing.

Whereas, as a survey conducted several research institutes mentioned that 70 percent among smokers come from families with a weak economy. However, they prefer to set aside other necessities of life, rather than having to stop the habit of smoking them. Although it must be followed by a reduction in the actual consequences of the budget could be used to meet the nutritional needs of the family.

Process any cigarette danger campaign had in fact often do. Either by the Government, as well as by institutions engaged in the field of health. One of them with disseminate information about the dangers of smoking.

The information was not merely communicated through writing. Oftentimes, the tools and the image was used to show how great an impact the cigarette against human health, particularly in the respiratory tract. However, it all does not pose a deterrent effect and makes the smokers to stop smoking habit.
Tips To Stop Smoking

Stop the habit of smoking is not an easy thing. However, that does not mean it cannot be stopped. Because, basically smoking is not a good activity and healthy thing to do. Especially if seen from the impact inflicted upon these habits not only on perokoknya. However, the more harm it inflicted on the impact of people being around smokers. People this is then referred to as a passive smoker, since receiving the impact upon something that was not done.

To that end, for smokers who want to quit, there are several steps that must be done. Among Them :
  • Lack of seriousness and intent. This is the basis for a concerted effort to stop smoking. In the absence of serious intent, then such efforts will not succeed and the habit of smoking is not going to be stopped completely.
  • Grow a garden adoringly at the people in your neighborhood. Because, the impact of smoking on people who are around You is much greater than that received by a smoker.
  • Subtract the intercourse with smokers. This is particularly necessary at the time of the early process of quitting smoking. Because at this time, a smoker that psychological will stop being in conditions of unstable. So it must move away from an environment that has a large role to stimulate the habit of smoking.
  • Expand activity. Thus, the temptation to smoke can be reduced. Usually, people will be smoking as an excuse to fill out the activity in spare time.
  • To reduce the acid taste in the mouth of many arises after a meal, use a candy or salt as a substitute for cigarettes.
  • Learn with serious impacts smoking that endanger health.

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  1. This post will help millions of people who are indulged with smoking. I hope there are medicines which can be taken so that this addiction will be stopped. It affects not only the smokers, but the innocent people as well, such as the children.

    1. Hopefully the readers of the blog for me to quit smoking. I too was a heavy smoker is difficult to do this, but little by little with our hearts to stop smoking intention, God willing, with patience can be in stop smoking

  2. Stop smoking is a very difficult task that requires strong will and patience. For Stop Smoking we should first avoid all mean all places or people that can make we start smoking again.

    Beatrice Dalton Nanny

    1. As I said on the host PaulaT, it is difficult to stop smoking, but if the intention is sincere and patient insha allah can stop smoking

  3. Saya sudah tidak merokok...alhamdulilh

  4. I have seen several times many people who say, we have many times tried to quit smoking but always failed. First of all, every smoker should understand that each cigarette could damage your lungs, your blood vessels, and cells throughout your body. In short, I want to say, smoking is a very harmful thing for us and our body.

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  5. It's a very big challenge to quit smoking but it also not an impossible thing. I have seen there are many people successfully stopped it. This thing required a powerful aim and if that is impossible by us then we can't quit it.


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  7. Great article. I think it will help me a lot. i appreciate your work. Thank you for sharing.

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  8. I love all details that you give in your articles.


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