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Training the Brain to Sharpen Memory

Do you often forget when searching for an object? For example, you often forget where to put your keys? Or forget important things to be done? Forgot password? Your child's test scores poorly because of difficulty memorizing? It is widely experienced by us. As a result, the more time and energy required to find stuff, got a scolding from someone else, or get a bad result is due to forgetfulness. The brain's memory will decrease with age. The older age of a person usually they will be more forgetful. However, this can also happen at a young age. This problem can be reduced by training the brain.
The Brain Function

In the process of remembering, the brain plays a big role. The brain can be divided into left brain and right brain. Left brain functions associated with logic, numbers, writing, intelligence, calculation, analysis, and for short-term memory (short term memory). Diguakan while our right brain for creativity, imagination, music, colors, shapes, emotions, and for long-term memory (long term memory).
More memory will last a long time if the recall using the right brain. To be able to remember well, it is necessary to train the brain to function optimally. Unfortunately, more and more people are using left brain in the process of remembering. Most people the left brain is more developed without balanced development of the right brain. Because the left brain is short-term memory, then the information stored in the left hemisphere would be more easily forgotten.
Therefore, if you want to keep the right brain, the information must be converted into a story or picture. Because the right brain does not recognize text or numbers. Exercise is necessary in order to develop the right brain. There are several techniques that can be done.

Total Story Technique (TST)

This technique is done by creating a short story of the things we are going to memorize. For example, we will shop at the supermarket to buy rice, shampoo, milk, gum, floor cleaners, egg, soy sauce, cheese, tomato sauce, paper towels. Rather than trying to memorize it, you better make a story for these things to Dewi Sri (the goddess legend that describes the rice paddy) was shampooing (shampoo) with a milk bath. While outside, the Mbok who was chewing gum while mopping (permbersih floor) has prepared an egg flavor of soy sauce sprinkled with cheese and tomato sauce as a soft tissue.

The story was completely visualized and imagined. Develop your imagination by adding color, sound, objects and gestures to support the story. For example, imagine a pink bath milk bath where Dewi Sri, imagine the old and gray wearing kebaya was mopping the page, listen to the sounds of gum chewing on his mouth, and imagine you taste the eggs that tasted like soy sauce, imagine the form of eggs sprinkled with cheese and tomato sauce, and imagine that you can hold the egg and feel the softness of as a tissue.

Make it a real image in front of you. With a sample of this story, we have trained the right brain that functions in creativity and imagination. Creativity is created when we make a short story and imagination played a role when we visualize the story.

Total Word Technique (TWT)

In this technique you want to remember the information is converted into abbreviations or if the information to be remembered is a foreign word, can be transformed into words that sound almost the same. This technique is often referred to as mnemonics. After that, just made ​​the story to be accepted by the right brain.

For example, when I have to memorize 8 planets from closest to the sun. The order is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. If memorizing is difficult, can be transformed into the phrase "Riding a Vespa Not Toys, Judi Friends Risked Urip".

Sentence using some of the first letter or first syllable of the order of the planet who wants to be remembered. Riding to remember Mercury, Venus Vespa for, not to the Earth, Toys for Mars, to Jupiter Judi, Companions for Saturn, Uranus Urip for, Risked for Neptune. By imagining the characters and is being done, you can better remember it.

Total Number Technique (TNT)

This technique is used to remember the numbers. Because the right brain does not recognize the number or word, then the story needs to be made in order to recognize the right brain. For example, you have to remember the number 212,007,217,080,205. You can turn it into a story like Wiro Sableng (212) and James Bond (007), two (2) are following the ceremony of independence (1708) on the day of national education (0205).

However, not all combinations of numbers are numbers that have been recognized as above. For that, you can create your own story by turning it into code that can be received by the right brain is in code form or sound. You can change the numbers into code form or sound like the following:

RateCode FormsBeep Codes

Code form and code your own sounds can also be created according to your creativity. Now you have to remember passwords such as 284 670, can be converted into a sentence:
Given the Form Code
Duck (2) glasses (8) a sailboat ride (4) with right hand holding a cigar (6) and left hand holding a hoe (7) playing ball (0).
Given the Beep Codes
Old man (2) buy a board (8) and diamond (4) of the person being planted (6) clothes (7) Hirst (0).
The method described above is given only a few examples of techniques that can be used to remember, because there are still other methods. Recall method will be encouraged to continue to make you creative in creating a short story, imagining and mengimajinasikannya.

Your imagination will be more refined as you add colors in the shadow of your story, adding motion, smell or anything else that your imagination even more attractive. If you can, make a funny story or stories that make no sense. This will help get more remembered.

You can also try to teach it to children. Thus, memorization can be fun for them. It will also be a good exercise for the right brain which can stimulate creativity and optimize your child's brain.

If you've tried to remember with these methods, storing the information in your right brain, the information will not be quickly forgotten and helps to optimize brain and help your memory. Good luck!

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