Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In order for No Need to Diet Again

For anyone who wants to lose weight, manage your diet is absolutely necessary. However, the exact arrangement is not a diet that forbids you to eat this because it will only provide short-term benefits.

In order for diet programs that do survive in the long run, make sure you are comfortable in living it. Here are some things you need to know for successful weight loss program without torture.

- Monitor the habit

Try to understand why you are so enamored of eating. For several weeks, write in a journal of food, and then analyzes the urge to eat when it arose and what triggered it. When work makes you stressed out and a bag of chips every day can make you more calm, then you belong to a "stress eater".

- Do not starve

Eat less often considered a shortcut to losing weight. But food shortages have a direct impact on the metabolic rate. In addition to the diet by way of "fast" will also cause weight gain rapidly when you return to old eating patterns.

If our food intake does not vary, for example, avoiding protein, resulting in reduced muscle mass, but this is a burn excess fat while we sleep.

- Start with a good

A healthy diet should still allow us to eat three meals a day because we still have to eat breakfast. Having had to fast for 7 hours while we sleep, avoiding breakfast will make the body store fat reserves because we think food shortages. This is part of the body's survival system.

When we go on a diet but have a regular meal time, the weight will naturally decline as the body's "trust" us back.

- Do not deny yourself

Avoiding certain foods will actually make you more easily tempted when seeing or thinking about food. It is precisely by not making abstinence, the temptation will be reduced. Indeed mengasup chocolate or cake every day can make the needle jump scales, but one or two times a week is okay.

- Create variations

Look at what most people eat, they just mengasup breakfast and lunch with the same menu every day for years. Make a variety and eat a variety of foods. Focus on what you have in your diet and not on what not to eat.

- Do not be afraid of carbohydrates

Do not be afraid of carbohydrates, especially complex carbohydrates like brown rice or bread containing whole Cereal is very important because they contain essential minerals, fiber, and stabilize blood sugar. You do not have to mengasupnya in large numbers, in moderation.

- Concentration

When eating, concentrate on the contents of your plate. Avoid eating while watching TV, doing something on your laptop or your cell phone plays. Take the time to really enjoy the food. If you do not berkonsenstrasi on what to eat, you will not feel it is eating.

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