Friday, February 10, 2012

Mangosteen Make Aging Skin

It is now the mangosteen fruit into the season. On the roadside, the fruit can be found with relatively low prices. Well, it's good if you buy mangosteen, do not waste mangosteen peel skin because it is believed to inhibit the aging process.

"The skin of the mangosteen that contains Xanthones which are bioactive compounds that have a six-carbon ring structure with a full carbon frame. Derivatives of a-mangostin Xanthones are the most widely available on the skin of the mangosteen," said Dr Beautiful Yuliasih, mangosteen researchers from the Faculty of Technology agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University in the early discussion with reporters in the IPB, Thursday (2/2).

According to Indah, Xanthones are active ingredients which are anticancer and antioxidant that is very high even at several times exceeds the power of vitamin C and E. Xanthones are also able to inhibit the aging process.

"In fact if our overseas export mangosteen, expensive leather. There Xanthone extract products that cost up to Rp 1.2 million for the six 350 milliliter bottles," he said.

How to cultivate mangosteen rind to be something nutritious? Beautiful skin gives way to process the fruit into the syrup.

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