Saturday, May 7, 2011

High Fiber Vegetables

Healthy eating and a healthy diet must include high fiber vegetables to prevent heart disease, promote colon health and prevent kidney stones from forming. For those who detest the taste of kale or cabbage, there are many other kinds of greens to include with daily meals. Although all vegetables add to the benefits of eating healthy, many consumers mistakenly believe that each type is equal in content. Some foods, such as sun-dried tomatoes, have as many as eight grams of fiber, while cucumbers and bell peppers may have as little as one. Recommended daily allowances require 25 to 35 grams a day, so keep this in mind.
The two distinct kinds of fiber vegetables offer are each needed for a body to digest food. Insoluble fiber assists in bowel movements by moving waste through the intestines. Soluble fiber aids in the absorption of sugar by regulating the removal process. The latter lowers total cholesterol and the former prevents constipation which if chronic, can lead to colon cancer.

Of the many high fiber fruits and vegetables available, avocados and apples top the list. Bananas, beans, eggplants and berries are also rich in fiber and can be made in a variety of recipes. The thought of eating broccoli or brussel sprouts may not make one salivate, so opt for tasty lima beans and artichokes instead. If you are indulging in a fast food meal for lunch, consider adding fresh carrots while oranges make for a simple snack. Healthy foods such as these vegetables are easy to prepare, pack, and eat.

In addition to preventing colon cancer, eating high fiber vegetables may reduce the risk and complications of other diseases such as diabetes and stomach ulcers. The addition of fiber has also been noted in successful weight loss cases as participants felt less hungry after consuming high fiber meals.

For those who simply never eat greens, there is no rush to switch to a raw food diet. Eating healthier can be achieved by just sampling through the array of high fiber vegetables available and find the ones you like. Don’t forget the fruits and other fiber rich foods such as nuts and bran. As your diet changes, so will your taste buds, which may lead to surprising cravings for healthy food.

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