Saturday, May 7, 2011

Eat more natural, healthy foods

Now, what should we eat more of? Well, we should eat more of the things that promote health. How's that for an incredibly unique idea?! Again, I'm not trying to take credit for this, as I'm not the first one to think of this by any means. There are many other people (on whom I've based my work) who deserve credit for this.

What should we eat more of? The things that promote health, such as raw vegetables and raw fruits. Blanched or cooked vegetables are fine too. I'm just talking about things from nature -- the root vegetables, nuts, seeds, healthy oils, sea vegetables. If you're going to eat meat, it should be organic, free range meat, and only in strictly limited quantities. Free range eggs are good. They’re much better than eggs from the standard imprisoned chickens that we get in the common grocery stores.
We should eat more blueberries and all of these incredibly potent berries. We should eat more foods of all the different colors -- purple eggplants, orange carrots, yellow onions, red tomatoes, green peppers. We should just eat the colors of the rainbow in their natural form, because these colors are potent disease-fighting phytonutrients.

We should eat sunshine, actually. We should consume it into our skin. We should consume more water. We should get more fruits. We should get avocados, high fiber products, and whole grains. These are the things we should consume if we wish to be healthy.

And to really get your nutrition and be the healthiest you can be, you should eat superfoods. High density, high nutrition supplements based on whole foods or whole food powders. These are products based on spirulina, chlorella, blueberry powder, spinach powder, or kale powder. Broccoli sprouts are fantastic, and they provide high-density nutrition. These are the kinds of things that people should consume if they wish to be healthy.

Then again a lot of people will say, "I can't afford it." Yeah, I guess not -- never mind. It is a lot cheaper just to eat all that garbage, and spend half a million dollars on medical bills in your last 14 days of life because you need heart bypass surgery, chemotherapy, some kind of organ transplant, and lots of intensive medical care before you pass away. Yeah, you're right. That's a cheaper way to do it. No need to spend an extra dollar on real food from nature instead of a discounted 2-liter bottle of soda.

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Healthy Foods

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