Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Calcium and Glucosamine for Bone and Joint Health

Milk contains calcium which is good for bone health, especially to keep the bones from the dangers of osteoporosis or bone loss. Awareness about the importance of calcium for bone health in the community began to grow, this can be seen from the increasing awareness of the public to consume milk as calcium sources on a regular basis, ranging from children to the elderly.

But to support optimal body movements, in addition to having a healthy bone should also be supported by healthy joints. The joint itself is a liaison between the vertebrae to each other vertebra. While the function of the joint is to allow for movement between two bones. Regarding the number and type of movement that can be done by a joint, depending on the type of joints.

Examples of synovial joints in the knee :


When the body moves and activities, then the joints will have emphasis. Especially when walking, up / down stairs or lifting heavy loads. The more serious of activities conducted, then the pressure on the joints will also be heavier.

One disease that can attack the joints is osteoarthritis, a degenerative disease that causes chronic pain due to cartilage damage is located between the bones and joints. If the damage is not well handled, can result in missing a bearing on the joints so that the bones rub against each other. This will make the joint feel stiff and sore. Osteoarthritis is a chronic degenerative disease called because it usually occurs in a long time in the elderly as part of the aging process, although the cause may also be due to other factors.

When osteoarthritis has occurred in the severe stage, can lead to disability because there is no cure. Drugs that are used usually only to eliminate / reduce the symptoms are felt. Therefore, prevention is important to do, so as not affected by osteoarthritis.

One of the compounds are widely used for maintaining healthy joints is glucosamine. Glucosamine itself is building a compound in cartilage, which serves as a cushion on the ends of the bones and prevent fractures when moving. Glucosamine is not present in sufficient quantities in the diet and must be synthesized by the body. The body's ability to synthesize glucosamine can also be reduced with age, therefore in the elderly, it is easier to get osteoarthritis.

One way to ensure the availability of glucosamine in the body is to take glucosamine. Are now widely available supplements contain glucosamine on the market, either in the form of tablets, capsules, topical creams. or milk with added glucosamine content therein. Milk containing glucosamine can have multiple benefits, namely calcium content can maintain healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis, sednagkan glukosaminnya content can maintain health and prevent joint affected by osteoarthritis.

Noteworthy is the supplement should be consumed regularly and orderly, because it is to maintain health and prevent disease. So in the old age, we can stay healthy and active without interruption, both on the bones and joints.

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