Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Healthy With Avoiding Food Sweet

Sweet food lovers, here's tips to avoid food that is loved by all ages. Did you know that excess sugar consumption can make the body weight increases. Can also cause inflammation in the body, causing various health problems. Here are some tips according to the latest version of the site OurVanity.
Avoid sugar 
Candy is not the only foods that contain sugar. Pasta, tomato sauce, chili sauce, low-fat yogurt, diet soda, it also contains sugar add calories in your diet. To be able to enjoy sweets, consumption by the number of terbatas.Ketika will eat, do not forget to always check the label and calculate the sugar content. Maybe you could switch to a candy that is not so sweet, made of dark chocolate. Or with a choice of frozen yogurt, plus sugar and other complementary fit your dose. It seems that option is more effective, to control the entry of sugar in the body. 
Replace sweetened with fruit 
It may be difficult, replace the sweetness of sugar with the fruit sweetness. For the sake of health, you should try it. Try to consume a combination of fresh fruit choice, fruit berries, and fruit of the desert mixed with yogurt or sprinkled with cinnamon. Types of food that will not hurt your teeth or your body, like the chocolate cookies or other sweet. Try to keep eating fresh fruit, dried fruit instead of canned or artificial sweeteners. Similarly, bottled juice, avoid too and move on to fresh fruit juices.
Select the original sugar
Avoid artificial sweeteners used in soft drinks. This sweetener makes you addicted, just like refined white sugar is also not healthy. Switch immediately to the brown sugar. 
Lower sugar intake will not only help maintain body weight, but also maintaining the health of diseases such as diabetes.
Eating habits when stressed with sweets and candy, nor is it a healthy habit. If stress, solusinyaadalah with a massage, exercising or doing your favorite hobby or

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  1. Thanks for sharing the added benefits of Brownie Cake.


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