Sunday, April 1, 2012

Consumption of Fruit For Health

Fruit is one food menu that support our health. Consumption of fruit is known by many as a complement to comply with a healthy diet because the fruit has nutrients and nutrients the body needs. The fruit is very beneficial for the body and is an integral part so that we can stay healthy and fit. The fruit is also used as a mandatory menu to your daily diet. Therefore, we need to know what are the benefits of the fruit? And content of what is contained in the fruit for the health of our bodies?

Some of the main content of the fruit is water, vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and carbohydrates. The following will discuss what is contained in the fruit so it is beneficial for our bodies: 
  • Water 
So if we do not consume 2 liters of water in one day, this water needs can still be met by eating the fruit.
  • Vitamins and minerals
Most of the fruit contains beneficial vitamins such as vitamin C and E. While minerals are present in fruits such as calcium, zinc and manganese. Vitamins and minerals are substances that help the metabolism of cells in the body of work. Minerla cause vitamin deficiency and metabolism are not going well so can damage the health or freshness.
  • Fiber
The body needs the fiber because the fiber is useful in the digestion process. With the fiber, the process of absorption of sugar and bad fats in the digestive tract may be inhibited.
  • Antioxidants
Are substances that counteract the free radicals that enter the body. Free radicals are substances contained in the pollution, excessive activity, cigarette smoke and vehicle. When free radicals met with cholesterol in the body ulcers eat will form in the body that can damage endothelial cells in blood vessels. As a result, be easily attached to cholesterol in the blood vessels.
  • Carbohydrate
Carbohydrates are used as a source of energy for the body to perform the activity. Although not many, but the fruit has a complex carbohydrate composed of glucose and fructose, in which the incoming fructose does not require the hormone insulin to process it so as not to burden the pancreas, which when damaged can lead to diabetes. This is very different when we consume sugar.
In order to obtain maximum results, it is recommended that eating 10 servings of fruit with 10 different color every day. With different colors of fruits such as banana, pineapple, mango, apple, orange, brown, Duku. A serving of whole fruit, not just pieces such as salad. Generally, fruits of different colors contain different substances that can complement each other to meet the substances needed by the body.

In selecting the pieces should be selected that shiny color. Fruit with bright colors or shiny contains more phytachemicals which means more antioxidants, more vitamins and minerals than fruit whose skin is dull.

Prompts Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) or the UN food organization, the fruit is consumed 65.75 kg per capita per year in order to stay healthy. So, do not forget to add fruit in your diet today.

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