Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Proper Nutrition For Healthy Eyes

Sensory perception is a vital part in the structure of the human body. Maintaining the health of sensory perception is very vital because most of our daily activities rely on sensory perception. One of them is the eyes.

The two eyeballs is one of the most wonderful gift I've ever given by God to man. With our eyes are capable of seeing the natural beauty of this world. With our eyes can perceive and recognize the people around us. Therefore, keep your eye health is important to do.

But lately, cases of disease in the eye are increasingly diverse. Oftentimes we see most people already use glasses to help their vision that is increasingly fading due to a pattern of life that is wrong or the age factor. If the eye health talk, it's good we understand what nutrients needed by the sebtulnya eye to keep functioning optimally.

Antioxidants – Vitamin A
Vitamin A is an antioxidant found in food made from animals which include the liver and eggs, fruits and vegetables, yellow, orange and green, like carrots and spinach. Many milk enriched with vitamin a. Vitamin A is essential for the proper functioning of the retina. It also helps prevent night blindness by helping eyes to adapt between light and darkness. Vitamin A also helps reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and the formation of cataracts. Get the amount of Vitamin A which is quite important to the health of the eyes and the beauty of the eyes.
Antioxidants – Vitamin C
Vitamin C is not everything for the health of the eyes. Vitamin C strengthens bones and muscles, keep our immune system in good condition, keep your teeth and gums healthy, reduce the risk of many diseases and not surprisingly it is important to keep your eyes healthy. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that also helps reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and the formation of cataracts. Vitamin C, as we all know, there can only be found in citrus fruits, but also green peppers, strawberries, broccoli, as well as various other fruits and vegetables.
Omega 3 fatty acids
Omega 3 fatty acids not only positively impact for the health of the heart, but also the vision system. Essential fatty acids are proven to be able to protect the two main drivers of blindness in humans. Results of research conducted health expert eyes of Children Hospital Boston, dr Lois Smith, showing that the omega 3 helps regulate the growth of blood vessels in the eye. That means, the fatty acids can help prevent diseases such as diabetic and age-related macular degeneration, which caused the growth of abnormal blood vessels. This reinforces previous research that showed, the man who was fond of eating foods containing omega 3 (at least 2 times a week), like the fish of the sea, has the risk of eye disease stricken lower than those who rarely ate fish. Researchers say the chain omega-3 fatty acids to form a layer of cells in the retina of the eye. The outer cells of the retina are constantly undergoing regeneration. (source:
Bilberry fruit is a berry that is found in continental Europe, the United States resembles the blueberry. Its shape is round, in mainland United Kingdom called ' black heart ' (black heart) because its color is blackish. Since the 16th century, bilberry has been used as a herb to treat diarrhea, astringent, tonic, and as an antiseptic in oral infections, as well as to increase the power of their vision in the night. This is because the Bill contain a flavanoid called polyphenols. This polyphenol substance helps improve micro circulation in the body's metabolism, and waging a blood flow in the retina of the eye. Bilberry color dark purple pigment that contains antosianin. These pigments useful for lowering the risk of cancer, eye, heart and the circulatory system of the heart. (source:

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