Sunday, April 1, 2012

Type and Benefits of Dragon Fruit For Health

The fruit is his name sounds scary, but it has many benefits. Dragon fruit. You probably already tried it a little sour but refreshing. Let's further acquainted with this fruit.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit:

Dragon fruit is oval shaped and colored red with sparse scales are not sharp. May look out of this fruit that makes it called Dragon Fruit. White flesh with many small black seeds are edible. Has a watery texture of the flesh, so it's refreshing. Properties of this fruit, among others, to lower cholesterol, white matter and improve memory.

Types of Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit has several types based on the fruit, among others:
  • Dragon Fruit White with petals at the end of the fruit with green and light green stems yellowish.
  • Red Dragon Fruit, by having many petals, dark green stems straight and has a dense spines.
  • Super Red Dragon fruit, valvate little, green stems and delicate.
  • Yellow dragon fruit, with a smaller size, about one-third of the average size of the other dragon fruit.
Many are wrong and take the fruit came from China because of his name, but, in fact the fruit came from the desert in Mexico. This is a type of cactus plants that can live in dry areas and the Latin name Hylocereus undatus. The tree is a cactus like plant with thick-trunked small thorns. The fruit will grow at the end of the branch and grow manifold.

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